Dog Walking

We offer Walk & Trains. Our focus is to take your dog out for a walk and train them. This may be obedience, calmness, tricks or working on leash reactivity. Our walks are based on training. It's generally not an adventure walk or a pack walk with many other dogs. We generally stay in the neighborhood or drive to an area close by that might be more suitable for the goal that day. 

Dog walks are around 60 minutes. Sometimes it's a bit shorter, other times it goes over. Walks are sold in packages of 5 or 10. 

Your dog's walk with a qualified dog trainer for about 60 minutes. We're fully insured. 

Your dog's safety is our top priority.  Dogs are safely secured whilst in transit, walk on top quality equipment and will only be let off lead if they have a reliable recall and a good relationship.

We only offer Walk & Trains in the Hibiscus Coast area (Orewa, Silverdale, Stanmore Bay to Gulf Harbour)

Dogs having fun on their walk

Walk & Train

Bought in packages of 5 or 10 walks.


Walk and trains go for 1 hour and one dog at a time will be walked. 

Your dog will be taken do a local park/walking track (in my car) and will be able to sniff and explore. We will also practise basic obedience skills, recall and loose lead walking. Play and engagement is also included in this session to build confidence and create a more engaged dog on your walks. 

Social time doesn't have to be crazy

Pack Walk

On invitation and trainer decision only. 


Pack walks are earned by your dog. I do NOT run regular pack walks for new clients. 

Only existing WALK & TRAIN clients will have the opportunity to eventually have their dog walking in a pack, depending on their personality and if characters of the different dogs match. 

I will have to have done at least 5 private walk & trains with your dog for me to consider adding them to another dog. 

Training Videos

Bailey & Mando working on their loose lead walking with me.