Group Classes

Levels to make you and your dog excel

Our new groupclasses are meant for long time learners. To pass through the levels you will be required to show us that you tick all the boxes for that level. Some levels will go quick, others will take a bit more time. But, we are all here to have fun with our dogs. Anyone can come train with us. Young and old. Puppies are welcome from 10+ weeks after 2 vaccinations. All other dogs need to be fully vaccinated. 
Reactive dogs are also welcome and will be guided into dealing how to cope in big group situations or moved into a reactive dog class if needed. 
First Timers Class: 

This class is for anyone that is new to The Complete Canine.

We will go over housekeeping and some training techniques we think are fundamental in training. We want to make sure that everyone enters Foundation level with the same baseline.

​Foundation Class:
You automatically move to this class after the First Timers Class. 

Here we teach you basics of sit and down, markers, impulse control, recall and cooperative care.

We won't ask much yet in terms of distance, duration and distraction.

Level 1-5:
Here we start really working on reliable behaviour. Each level will be more distractions, longer durations and further away from your dog. Level 4 and 5 are off leash. We will have a variety of activities, from loose lead walking, heelwork, trick training, recall and other fun stuff! The more you train, the higher you go!
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Costs, membership & bookings

Groupclasses can be paid and booked for on a pay as you go basis. This means that if you miss a week, no harm is done, you won't lose money on that class. Class Passes are valid for a year. 
Casual rate: $40
10 class pass: $360 (1 class for free)
20 class pass: $680 (3 classes for free)

Bookings are made via the app 'Push Press Members'. After you have filled in the below 'Subscribe now' I will send you an email with a login and instructions to download the app or a link to book in through a browser.
Here you can easily choose which sessions you can come, book and pay for them. You can also cancel them 15 min before class and carry your payment over to next time. 

Lessons are paid for up front with debit or credit card. We do not offer After Pay.

Sessions are bought for the DOG, not for the handler. So, if you want to alternate handlers that is totally fine. We just ask that there is only 1 handler actually training the dog on the field at the time. The rest can watch from a few meters away. 


What else makes our groupclasses worth it? 

We want to build community! We are there to all train our dogs and become better, but we also want to make new friends and meet like minded people.

Who doesn't want a training buddy? A walking partner? Someone to go have coffee with at the dogs? Run around with at the beach? 


What is a good club without some special events? 

We will be planning for fun days where all training we do is game based. We will run small in house competitions, Dress your dog up and come best dressed on holidays and we hope to organise pack walks and hikes in the future.


Have you always wanted to try something new but didn't know how to start?

Maybe you want to give scent work a go. Try Rally-O, lure coursing or agility or enrichment. Maybe you want to learn more about dog body language, aggression, prey drive or other dog sports. We aim to organise work shops for members only and invite experts in to teach you!


In need of some new dog training gear? We got you covered! 

We will be selling quality long lines, slipleads, slip collars, 2 meter lines, buckle collars, treat pouches and treats. Anything you may need for training.

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Group Class Video impressions

Puppy Class Recall practice
One of the hardest things to teach our puppies is to come back to us when facing a lot of distractions. This is exactly what we are practicing here. 
The Good Dog Group Class
One of my favourite things to practise is a real life situation such as a 'cafe'.