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Is crate training cruel to your dog?

We hear this stuff all the time... 

But i fully disagree with this. 

I almost always recommend a crate to dog owners and if you REally don’t want to, a puppy pen. let’s see why!

Crate training is important because:

  • It can give your dog a safe space when they’re afraid (fireworks for example)

  • It is a safe space to recover from surgery or injury 

It’s a great way to:

  • Toilet train a dog (because they don’t like going in their bed = they learn to let you know they have to go)

  • Keep your dog from destroying things when unsupervised

It’s a great way to:

  • Learn to be ‘alone’ and reduce the chances of separation anxiety

  • Safe place to go when the house is really busy with guests 

  • Safely have kids over if your dog is afraid of them

It prepares them for:

  • The vet where they will be crated if they have to stay there.

  • The kennels when you go on holiday

It ensures:

  • They learn how to be calm.

  • and sleep enough. A dog that doesn’t get enough sleep is a huge issue. If your dog gets up multiple times at night to bark at things, they’re not getting enough rest.

Lots of dogs 

  • Will choose to snooze in their crate during the day time.

  • It’s not a ‘prison’ or ‘cage’

  • It’s a safe space just like we put a baby in a cot to avoid them getting into dangerous situations

Crate training for me is an essential skill your dog has to learn.

It's not cruel, it's a safe space for your dog to learn to relax, be calm, be alone or go to when something scary is happening (Lenyx is ALWAYS in his crate by CHOICE when there is fireworks!)

A crate also gives you lots of opportunities to train your dog boundaries and avoid them destroying your house (especially if puppies) and to toilet train them without the use of puppy pads.

Crate training, as with any other training, has to be trained. And sometimes you have to push through the bits that are uncomfortable (especially when your dog is barking or whining).

I feel if you are really against the crate I often suggest a puppy pen (if your dog doesn't jump over it) or a closed of area (laundry) to teach the dog it's not always GO time.

Do you use a crate?

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