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Don't forget to budget for dog training!

Let's talk about the elephant in the room.

Sometimes people drop a few THOUSAND on a puppy and then have no money reserved for training or find it too expensive.

Your dog needs training. It's something you owe to your dog and to yourself.

It's what will glue you together into a solid family unit and makes your dog your best friend. Dropping $4000 on a puppy and then say 'I don't want to spend $200 on training' is a bit backward.

And yes, I know it's coming from a dog trainer and this is how I earn my money. But I don't say it so you book in more sessions with me. I say it so you and your dog will live the best life together. You invested $4000 already, may as well do another $200.

I sometimes get enquiries of people who just paid $4000 for a designer puppy and then can't afford training.

It's like buying a ferrari but not having the money for petrol or maintenance.

Or buying expensive diving equipment but not have money for lessons on learning how to dive.

I'm not here trying to shame anyone. I'm just saying.

Put money aside for training!

Before you get your puppy look around how much training is. It varies greatly where you live and also what type of training you want to do.

Find something that suits you best and invest in that. If its hard, look at what your pup doesn't 'NEED'. Buy dog gear from a cheap shop like kmart or walmart. Your pup will destroy everything and grow out of everything, so no need to buy the expensive stuff until they finished growing.

Please, whatever you do, don't ask the trainer for a discount.

It's on you to plan for your pup. Getting a puppy is a choice you made and you can't put the expense of puppy training on a trainer and ask for a discount. I know that if you're here you probably wouldn't.. but I have had these requests several times. It's not fair on me or your pup. If anything, ask if you can pay in installments.

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