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It takes 500 Reps to learn a new skill and 5000 to fix it!

This is why dog training.. or any type of training takes time.

It takes about 300-500 reps for a skill to become 'natural' and develop muscle memory.

Now if you learn that skill 'wrong' or with 'bad habits' and you practise it incorrectly for 300-500 reps.. it's going to take 3000-5000 correct reps, to fix that problem.

So it's totally normal if dog training takes time.

If you have good and bad days. That sometimes it seems like it takes forever. Some dogs don't just have 300-500 reps of incorrectly practiced behaviours.. but MONTHS or YEARS. You're not going to change that in a one hour training session. Or a 5 week groupclass or even a full day of training.

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