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So you want a doodle because they don't shed?

Doodle mixes are super popular at the moment.

They come in all different colours and sizes and are advertised as great family dogs. My personal favourite doodle is the cavoodle.

Anyway, one of the main arguments I often hear for getting a doodle is 'their coat doesn't shed'. Sometimes it's paired with 'hypoallergenic'. But when I ask oh are you allergic to dogs the answer is mostly no, so I'm just ignoring that one for a minute.

Back to the no shedding. No shedding is handy. It makes that you don't have hair everywhere which then implies your house is not as messy and things are tidier and less work.

What DOESN'T get talked about enough however how much WORK a doodle coat ACTUALLY is. I have had clients that have said "I wish I knew how much work it was".

If your MAIN reason for a doodle is 'Low maintenance coat because he doesn't shed': DO NOT GET A DOODLE.

Did you know this about their coats?

  • They need grooming every 6 weeks. Depending on the size that is $80 - $150 (and I've heard even more)

  • They can absorb water like sponges and can take ages to dry after a swim or walk in the rain.

  • Some absorb sand and mud like crazy. It's really hard to get out and needs a proper rinse off every time, especially in winter with mud.

  • You need to brush your dog every day to make sure they don't get knots or matted. Some dogs love it, some hate it. You gotta work on it!

  • It's quite hard to predict what type of coat your doodle will have. Sometimes there is even differences in the same litter. Some are more curly, others flatcoated. It makes it hard to prepare. If you want a doodle because of the 'low maintenaince' no shedding, think again!

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