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All About

The Complete Canine

I’m Sanne (pronounce like Donna with an S) founder of ‘The Complete Canine’. We're a small dog training business in  beautiful Stanmore Bay located on the Hibiscus Coast in New Zealand. We service surrounding suburbs such as Silverdale, Orewa, Whangaparaoa, the North Shore and Rodney district council including Kaukapakapa, Warkworth and Snells Beach. 


The Complete Canine came to be because of my own dogs Lenyx and Zelda, who are proudly displayed in my logo.  The Complete Canine started in Melbourne and is still ongoing there and now is also operating in Auckland. 

Lenyx and Zelda are my inspiration and my passion. Without them, I wouldn’t have taken the step to go into dog training. 

They often accompany me on visits to other dogs, to work on reactivity or to teach puppies how to play nicely. 


When I'm not training other people's dogs I enjoy working with them in almost anything! I love scent detection, scooterjoring and hiking. But also love teaching tricks and set up my own little agility course for Zelda. 


Teaching is a passion

Teaching and helping people is something that comes naturally to me. I have been a full time primary school teacher for 8 years and the switch to dog training was the perfect next step. I have the right amount of people skills, ability to explain, train and teach and the passion and handling skills with dogs.


I have a firm belief that dog training isn't standing on itself and I wanted to look at the ‘whole dog’ through Canine (myofunctional therapy) Massage. Dogs benefit from massage in the same way as humans and on top of that it can assist in addressing numeral behavioural issues, which goes perfectly together with dog training and sports. 


Qualifications & PD

  • Tyler Muto Private One on One Coaching Program 

  • NDTF cert 3 in Dog Training and Behaviour (Australia)

  • NCTM Diploma for Canine Myofunctional Therapy (Australia) 

  • Bachelor of Education (Netherlands)



Besides my official qualifications I regular attend Seminars to ensure I'm up to date with the most recent training concepts and strategies and because we always keep learning. 



  • Tyler Muto - Loose Leash Walking Unit (Leerburg) 2018

  • Ericka Duggan - Foundations of Sport Detection (Leerburg) 2020

  • Trick Titles Novice, Intermediate, Advanced on Lenyx & Zelda 2020

  • Pat Stuart - Nepopo Seminar ( Melbourne )  2019

  • Pat Stuart - Nepopo for reactivy and aggression (Melbourne) 2019

  • Jay Jack - GRC and Play Based Training ( West Melbourne) 2019

  • Larry Krohn - Behaviour modification Seminar 2019

  • Tyler Muto - 1:1 coaching program Sept - November 2021

  • Tyler Muto - 1:1 coaching program February 2022

  • Tyler Muto - Inner Circle Group - Ongoing

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