The Bootcamp Program

This is the most comprehensive and best program we offer. It's unique in it's way and we are the only one (or one of the few) offering this type of dog training. 

It's the perfect option for families with dogs with more difficult behaviours. 

Our Bootcamp Program has all the benefits of a board & train, but without having to put your dog in a kennel and having to miss them for 3 weeks without knowing how things are going.


Due to the highly customised training program and the amount of time we dedicate to each dog there is only limited availability. We only take on 3 dogs per intake.  If interested make sure to fill in our contact form today.

We are located in Stanmore Bay on the Hibiscus Coast in New Zealand. We service surrounding suburbs such as Silverdale, Orewa, Whangaparaoa, the North Shore and Rodney district council including Warkworth and Riverhead.

Why the Bootcamp program?


The Complete Canine is unique as a business offering the Bootcamp program. 

Many traditional trainers offer a board & train program, which means you drop your dog off for 3-4 weeks to be trained by the trainer. 


Our approach has many benefits over a traditional Board and Train. Most importantly, the training is taking place in your home and neighbourhood. Exactly where your dog is displaying certain behaviours you want or need to change. Nothing worse than paying a lot of money so your dog behaves at the dog training facility, but still goes nuts in your own street! 


Additionally in our program you receive weekly instruction and practice, so you will be sure that your dog will listen and behave for YOU at the end of the program and doesn’t just perform for the trainer. Our goal is that you achieve your goals with your dog. That you can hopefully live the life with your dog as you pictured. By having weekly sessions with you at the end of the week it allows us to receive feedback from you regarding what went well and what needs improvement.

This gives us the opportunity to finetune and change your dog’s training plan exactly as needed for you, instead of finding out at the end of 3-4 weeks that there are additional problems that weren’t covered. 

By the end of the bootcamp program, you will have a good understanding of the skills and concepts needed to make sure you and your dog will have long-term success and a great relationship together.



All programs are customised to each dog, as every dog is different. We do have some overarching goals we want each dog to achieve, such as being calm when greeted, a duration sit, being able to take the dog into a busy environment, walking nicely on lead. On top of that we will work hard on the goals you have for your dog yourself.

For the dogs that need behaviour modification for example for anxiety, reactivity on lead, destructiveness, resource guarding food or toys we will focus heavily on the underlying cause of the behaviour. We want to know why they are displaying these behaviours so we can treat the problem at the root. We don't just want to treat the symptoms!  


We can work extremely thoroughly and focused on the goals you have for your dog. We install the 'buttons' and teach you how to use them. In just a few short weeks, you and your dog will have a better relationship than ever and you’ll be ready to explore and have fun like you've never had before! 

Watch Leo's Bootcamp Transformation

How does it work?

The Bootcamp Foundation program is 3 days a week for 4 weeks.

Bootcamp Plus is 4 days a week for 4 weeks for Reactive dogs or behaviour problems.

  • We start with an initial consultation session over zoom where we discuss your goals and wishes. From here we will decide if you need the Foundation program or the Plus program. 

  •  We will come to your home either 3 or 4 times a week. You don't need to be home for the daily sessions so it won't take extra time out of your busy schedule.  We will work with your dog between 45 - 90 min.  Training sessions will include a walk, play and training to optimise your dogs concentration.

  • On Thursday or Friday you will meet with us to go over the training so that we can teach you how to work with your dog. You will need to block out time to attend this session.  You will need to free up some time between 8 am and 6 pm on these days for this session. You will  be given homework to work on over the weekend to ensure your dog learns to work with you and that you understand the training. 

We work on obedience in the outside world

We practice behaviours inside and outside the house. It's essential to practice the skills we want our dog to have in any location you might want to take your dog. We build this up gradually but if your goal is to take your dog to a cafe, we will practice at cafes for example. 

Practice around other people and dogs

We make use of other clients and dogs in the area, creating moments where we can work together if needed. If we want behaviours to last everywhere we can't practice in just a facility. 

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the Foundation program is $1755

The cost of the Plus Program is $2280

incl GST

2nd dog in household 40% off. 

This includes: 

  • Initial evaluation consultation over zoom

  • 4 in person sessions (1-2 hours) where you are present.

  • Either 12 or 16 training days. 

  • 1 follow up trainer session 1 or 2 months after program has ended. 

  • Training equipment: slip collar

  • Access to private client only facebook group

  • Lifelong Email/Phone Support

  • 10% discount on follow-up private sessions or groupclass (if needed). 

    We request the following:

  • $140 due before the zoom consultation as a deposit (will be taken off the total).

  • 1st payment due before day 1.

  • 2nd payment is due at the end of week 2 

  • 3rd payment due before the end of week 3

  • If living 15+ km away from Stanmore bay an additional $6 per day petrol charge.  

Staffy x needing help settling in his foster home. Leash pulling and calmness.

Additional Benefits

Dogs learn faster from a professional dog trainer

Faster Results

Your dog learns directly from a professional, and receives several hours of hands-on training each day in his own environment.

We cater for any size, age and breed of dog.

Less stress for you

We will work through the challenging early stages of training, and the many, many repetitions that you may not have time for.

All dog training is customised to your needs

Completely Customised

The amount of time we spend with your dog in Homeschool program allows us to get to know him or her very well. This way we can develop specific strategies and exercises perfectly suited to your dog.  

Dog training local to you in Hibiscus Coast and North Shore

You don't have to miss your dog

You don’t have to miss your dog, like you would have to in a traditional B&T. Your dog stays in your house. It also avoids that the dog falls back into old behaviours once he or she comes home. 

barking, lunging, reactivity, puppy behaviours, basic obedience we cover it all

Better grip on learning

Because you are more involved in the training with the weekly in person sessions you will get a better grip on what the training involves and how you can continue it after the homeschool program is finished. 

Dog training for life


The Homeschool program is cheaper than a regular B&T. It is still an investment that you need to be willing to make, but it saves you on average about $1200 compared to a traditional 3 week Board & Train with the same/better results!