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Training Methods

A Balanced Approach

We 100% believe in a balanced training approach. This means that we use a lot of positive reinforcement to teach new behaviours but use corrections in the right time or place.

We believe in Positive First and try and  train everything with positive reinforcement first, especially when learning new skills in obedience.

However, as with children, dogs need boundaries and consequences and can't just run the show however they please.

Can you train that with Positive Reinforcement only? Up to a degree. But you are looking at a much longer timespan and your dog giving some behaviours a go when you're not around as there has never been a consequence to deter them from doing a certain unwanted behaviour. 


It is important that corrections are used properly. We never use physical corrections. Hitting or kicking a dog has NOTHING to do with dog training and we very much disapprove of it. 

It's important to find the right correction for the dog and this is what makes dog training so interesting. 

For example one dog reacts very well to a leash correction but another dog doesn’t care. We now have to find a DIFFERENT method to correct the dog. If a correction doesn’t work there is no use doing it harder or for longer periods of time. 

It's important to find the right correction for the dog and that’s why our training is always customised to your dog.  

Here is some of the corrections we could use: leash pop, withholding something they want, verbal corrections, using body pressure, squirt bottle with water, rattle tin (to make a noise). We predominantly use slipleads for training. 

I generally do not use ecollars or prongs. Wishes to use these tools will mean an extensive evaluation of your skills and understanding of the tool to ensure its use is warranted, ethical and properly applied.


If you're interested in training we are located in Stanmore Bay  on the Hibiscus Coast in New Zealand. We service surrounding suburbs such as Silverdale, Orewa, Whangaparaoa, the North Shore and Rodney district council including Kaukapakapa, Warkworth and Snells Beach.  

We are members with the IACP international association of canine professionals
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