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Presented and created by  Sanne Vermeulen
Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

Stop pulling on lead in as little as 7 days for $97 nzd

I know you probably experience your walk as a chore or something that is painful and stressful

It's painful for you for your arms and shoulders. It's painful for your dog to uncomfortable pull into a collar or harness. 

It feels embarrassing that you can't walk your dog properly and you probably end up walking them less because it's just something you really don't want to do. In turn that makes the problem bigger. 


Believe me, I understand you. I hear you. I feel you. 

You probably also have used several different techniques already and none of those helped. 

I hear you there too. 


It doesn't have to be that way!

No more sore arms or shoulders. No more being pulled over by your dog. 
No more being anxious to walk your dog. No more dog pulling like a freight train. No more buying 'no pull equipment' that doesn't work. 
How to stop your dog pulling on lead? This is how. 

Course Curriculum

So how do we do it? 

In my course you will learn the '1-2-3 Drill' to teach your dog to walk behind you / slightly next to you.
This technique does not involve:
1. Using lots of treats
2.  It doesn't use stopping every time your dog pulls.
3. Turning into the other directions every time your dog pulls.

In the 1-2-3 Drill  we use BODY PRESSURE to teach our dog to stay out of our space and move backwards. When they move backwards and learn to follow you that is when we start rewarding our dogs for engagement. Most of your issues will disappear when you get the timing of this drill right. In my course I demonstrate it AND I have clients demonstrate it too, all on dogs that couldn't walk nicely on lead beforehand.

This course is designed to teach you how to stop your dog from pulling on lead in as little as 7 days with 15 minute sessions a day. 
If you don't have that time, you can take longer but we have written out a specific roadmap to success that works! First you will see me do it and then watch me coach owners through the entire process.


AFter doing this course your walk will look like this: 

Your dog can:

  • Walk nicely beside you

  • Can sniff and be a dog as long as they don't pull me to the side or ahead of me. 

  • The walk will become an activity for both of you together. You give your dog a job, something to think about. You're not just there holding the end of the lead and hope for the best. 

  • You work on your relationship with your dog making them check in with you and have your dog follow your direction. 

  • You will enjoy walking again. 

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Stop your dog pulling on lead forever Just like the people below

Training Face To Face can be super helpful but is also much more expensive.
I charge $1300 for a 2 week Loose Lead Walking Bootcamp or $440 for 3 sessions spread out over a few weeks. With this course you save money and get a result just as fast or even faster! 


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I have tried training before, how his this different?

How old does my dog have to be?

What happens if I get stuck and need extra help?

Is this a positive only course?

My dog isn't really into food, does it still work?

What kind of equipment will I need?

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