Private Consults

We believe that dogs rely on the structure that we provide for them. They need it to live in our world properly and successfully and to be part of our every day life without issues. 

We can help you navigate rules, obedience and structure to create an awesome relationship with your dog in and out of the house. We aim to coach, support and help you make your dog become the companion you always wanted him to be.

We are located in Stanmore Bay on the Hibiscus Coast in New Zealand. We service surrounding suburbs such as Silverdale, Orewa, Whangaparaoa, the North Shore and Rodney district council including Kaukapakapa, Warkworth and Snells Beach. 

If interested in our service please fill in our detailed contact form by clicking 'Request a Booking' and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Basic Package $430 incl GST

1x 60-90 min session at your home.

2x 1 hour session at your home


We can cover a range of issues in this package such as: 

  • Pulling on lead

  • Destructiveness

  • Recall

  • General Obedience and listening in new environments

  • Puppy Behaviours and raising

  • Mild Leash reactivity

  • Overexcitement and jumping

  • Mild insecurity to objects, people, sounds or dogs etc. 

Our aim is to solve the problem at the root and not just treat the symptoms. We work on finding the real reason why your dog is displaying certain behaviours.

We will discuss goals and you'll get send homework and handouts to help you train in between sessions. 

You will get access to my client only Facebook group which gives you unlimited support through videos, comments and questions. 


I do NOT cover dog to dog off leash aggression problems or human aggression.

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Deluxe Package $770 incl GST

1x 60-90 min session at your home.

5x 1 hour session  


With this package we can take our time to work on several (bigger) issues or give a lot of support to new dog owners or rescue dogs or multiple dog households. 


During the initial consultations we will sit down and discuss what you want to achieve with your dog. From there I write up a detailed training plan which we will work on over the next few weeks. I will include things about how to communicate properly with your dog and how we can achieve the best relationship with our dog by offering routines, structures, and rules.

We can cover all behaviours mentioned in the basic package as well as: 

  • Multi Dog Households

  • Leash reactivity and some forms of aggression

  • Resource guarding

  • Anxiety and Fearfullness to objects, people, sounds or dogs

  • Seperation anxiety 



You will get access to my client only Facebook group which gives you unlimited support through videos, comments and questions.

You will receive handouts and homework and we'll make use of Google sheets to track progress as you're working on goals at home in between sessions.

Training Videos

Compilation of clients walking their dogs loose lead.
Loose Lead Walking Transformations
Door manners with Tommy
We introduced door manners to Tommy to avoid him running out after his mum and dad right onto the road. It's important a dog learns that an open door doesn't mean you can just walk straight out. 
Dobby the Puggle
Dobby started with us with a puppy/deluxe package. We worked on the foundation skills all young dogs need. 
In this video we are working on the place command. 
Recall with Frankie
Frankie's owners got us in as he couldn't be allowed off lead without him running off. We spend time on games, engagement, and working on the long line to create a good foundation for recall.