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A friendly dog, is not the same as a well mannered dog!

A friendly dog doesn't equal a well mannered dog.

We all know that person that no one wants to hang out with because they are a 'bit much' or they are a close talker. Or they are wayyy TMI. Or they make themselves comfortable in your house way too easily or are a bit too touchy feely for your taste. (Sorry, I'm not a hugger lol).

They are FRIENDLY, but that doesn't make them well mannered.

Even though they are FRIENDLY their BAD MANNERS will ruffle feathers and probably be a cause for not receiving another invite to your house, your hangout or the party.

It doesn't mean that person is a bad person or not nice or friendly. It just means they can't read the situation and the room and their friendly behaviour is considered rude or 'ICK'.

Dogs are the same. Friendly dogs often have the BEST intentions. But they can be so obnoxious about it that it's actually quite rude.

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