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I never recommend puppy pads

I just wanted to repost this one as I've been getting a lot of questions regarding house training pups (it's the time of the year for it).

I'll be making a FREE ebook or online course (still deciding whats easiest) on how to properly house train your dog.

But my main take away is: Do NOT use puppy pads. Honestly it creates issues more often than you think.

If you live in an apartment invest in one of those fake grass things at least.

Should you use puppy pads when house training your dog?

For me the answer is a firm No. Most owners That I have worked with that have NOT used puppy pads generally have a house trained dog much faster than the ones that did use puppy pads.

Its important that instead of teaching your puppy that it’s okay to pee inside to just not make that an option. Ever. Routinely taking your pup out after every play, sleep, eat and drink is initially extra work for you but so worth it in the long run.

I have found that many puppy pad-trained dogs have had more incidents in the home, particularly on rugs and towels. My theory is that they aren’t able to discriminate on which ‘indoor blanket’ they can and can not do their business.

What to do instead:

1. Put your puppy (or new dog) on a schedule where you take them out every hour on the hour, even if it seems they don't need to go.

2. Use a crate to help with house training during the night (you have to get up and let them out if they wake you up, just like a baby).

3. Go out to pee every time after eating / drinking / sleeping / play session.

4. Praise every time they go toilet.

5. If your pup isn't in your direct line of sight because you're busy --> Crate or playpen. Do NOT give them the opportunity to show you they have to go but YOU missed it (sniffing the ground, turning in circles, pawing at the door, soft whining).

6. Do not give them the full house to access because you can't keep your eye on them and they'll end up going in corners you didn't even realise your house had.

7. When going for a walk and they haven't gone toilet, go straight to the backyard (or front yard) and wait it out. Often pups are overwhelmed and super excited by the walk and they forget to go toilet.

8. If necessary take them out on lead to go pee outside, some pups go outside and forget they have to go and just end up playing, come inside. PEE.

9. Clean up with something that has no ammonia in it.

10. Don't do anything weird like rubbing their noses in it. It's unnecessary and cruel. IF you catch them in the act firm; NO, pick them up and carry them outside (even if they are peeing at that moment).

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