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No pull equipment DOESN'T exist

Here's an unpopular opinion for your average dog facebook group.

There is NO SUCH THING as no pull equipment.

The only thing this sort of equipment is, is a marketing stunt to make you buy more dog gear.

Sure, it may temporarily make pulling for your dog more comfortable.. but it doesn't help your dog stop pulling.

We have the Julius K9 style harness, we have the front clip harness, we have the bungee lead (this one really blows my mind), we have the harness that goes under the armpits of your dog (sporn), we have the halti, the sliplead.. and I can go on and on..

Fact is: it doesn't matter what you put on your dog or how much money you spend on the latest no pull contraption... the results won't last. And if your friend says it works on their dog 'but not when he sees something he likes', then it doesn't work!

I see a lot of clients who have tried many of them.. and the things is, without proper training none of these things work.

There is NO QUICK FIX to pulling on lead. If you allow your dog to plow forward on whatever equipment you're using things won't change. Buying one of those no pull tools isn't like a phone update and suddenly your dog stops doing what he's been doing the last 4 years.

So here's my advice. Stop buying and wasting your money on whatever anti pull device is a fad right now.. and instead contact a local trainer near you that you have seen working on loose lead walking. Maybe you have a friend that worked with them. Maybe you saw videos. Pick someone you think fits your training style.

And then invest time and work hard on changing your dog's persistent habit into a NEW one where he learns it's actually much more satisfying to walk without constant pressure on his nose, neck, shoulders, armpits or wherever this tool is doing 'it's work'.

That is the ONLY WAY to fix pulling on lead permanently and properly.

*this rant is caused by some stupid company advertising a bungee lead as an 'anti pull' lead, when really if there is SOMETHING that makes pulling much more comfortable it's a bungee lead.. you use them for running to absorb the shock.. *

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