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How to improve your dogs calmness in new situations

Wanting more calmness and less over-excitedness is a HUGE problem a lot of dog owners have.

A lot of dog trainers and online resources will show you obedience exercises to improve these behaviours, but I have found that obedience is often less important and training a calm mindset is way more effective.

I've put together a mini course which you can find here:

Why is it important?

It is needed if you want to take your dog on walks in public, to pet friendly locations, around other dogs or really anywhere you can take your dog in public.

What should it look like?

Your dog should be able to give you attention and engagement instead of becoming focused, frustrated and distracted by the environment.

Exercises to improve calmness

  • Sit on the dog

  • Duration Place

  • Down and sit stays in public

  • Play engagement games

  • Reward for eye contact

  • Parallel walking with other dogs

  • Training Tricks/Obedience in new areas

  • Visiting new areas regularly

What not to do!

  • Go to the dog park

  • Let your dog 'say hi' to other dogs on lead

  • Let your dog meet other dogs on lead

  • Allow everyone to pet your dog in public

  • Have your dog go to doggy daycare where they play non stop allow other dogs invade your dogs space

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