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Your dog's reactivity is also YOUR reactivity now.

Did you know that nearly ALL of my clients that have reactive dogs struggle with some sort of PTSD type symptoms (I can't say it's PTSD as I'm not a therapist).

Working with a trainer on reactivity with your dog isn't just for your dog. It's also (if not more) for YOU.

Many owners have found confidence in their dog and themselves just because I walked next to them for hours. I would distract them from the environment, talk about the stress it is to have a reactive dog. Validate your feelings. Because those feelings are often misunderstood.

I just want you to know that I understand. I hear you. We're here for you to vent and to cry and to complain. Dog training is also human training and you're not alone.

Have a look at the account @handlersandhumans for more info on this as she specialises in reactivity and human responses or check out our podcast:

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